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I Luv It makes hand-crafted all-natural deodorants. We offer gentle invigorating scents that subdue odors all day without the use of overpowering perfumes or dangerous chemicals. It seems like an obvious product now, but not so long ago, I picked my deodorant based exclusively on branding and scent. Forgive me, for I have since seen (and smelled) the light! 

It all started about a year ago …


I remember watching a commercial for the fancy name-brand lotion that I was using at the time. There was a glamorous spokeswoman lounging in lighting so soft that she appeared to be buried in a fog bank. The ad boasted that their formula was the best moisturizer because it was most easily absorbed into the skin. An actor in a lab coat directed my attention to a colorful animation of human flesh literally springing to life with just one application. It took a moment for me to process the implications of the word “absorb”. This stuff doesn’t just sit on top of my skin, it’s absorbed. Then it hit me, what, exactly am I absorbing into my skin? … And into my body? 


I made a beeline past my husband and through a gauntlet of kids, to the bathroom. First shelf, right behind my husband’s unused razor was my lotion. There was no arguing with the branding – sexy and alluring. But the ingredients … not so much. And there, on the same shelf, was my deodorant. With all the pores in the sensitive armpit area, surely the ingredients in my deodorant were being absorbed just as much if not more than the lotion. I had a look…YIKES!


What the heck is Propylene Glycol? Does that grow on a tree? Was it used by native cultures as a remedy for common ills? Or how about Aluminum Compounds? Ever heard a doctor congratulate you on the high-levels of Aluminum compounds in your system? Triclosan? Is that alien technology salvaged from the UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico? Maybe that’s why aliens have green skin! The TV ads didn’t mention anything about Aluminum OR Triclosan! Nor was there an attention-grabbing starburst on the bottle boasting “Now with 22% more Propylene Glycol!” I wondered why.


Next stop … research!

After just a brief search, my skin tone had paled considerably and I was sweating right through my deodorant. These ingredients weren’t just iffy, they were dangerous. As in long-term risks, even cancer. And I was putting this stuff on my armpits and absorbing it into my system, EVERY DAY.


Perhaps deodorant advertising should take a page from the pharmaceutical industry. Include the laundry list of debilitating, life-threatening, and down-right scary side effects while joyous couples fly kites, ride bikes, and get intimate. That just can’t be good for business!


The lotion issue was relatively simple: there were a number of effective all-natural options available. But I needed something with entirely different properties for my armpits. A new formula to keep the pits smelling fresh as I made my way through a busy day, WITHOUT poisoning me. It ended up being a much bigger challenge than I had expected.  


For four months, there were arcs of lightning and plumes of smoke pouring from my laboratory (home) as I researched and experimented with all natural recipes for healthy deodorant. My husband’s armpits and my nose and armpits got quite a workout! But it was all worth it!


I Luv It all natural deodorant has none of the harmful ingredients featured in high-profile brands. We scent our deodorants only with essential oils. No aluminum, parabens, pthalates, or anything else that may carry serious side effects. 


Even without the nasty chemicals, I Luv It provides plenty of protection for firefighters, hockey players, business sharks, kids, moms, and everyone in-between. We know, because we tested I Luv It on all of them! 


Try one of our 4 scents today:  

  • Naturally Lovely: A citrus scent with a light floral undertone 

  • Naturally Noble: A clean pine scent 

  • Natural Sweetheart: A woodsy vanilla

  • Naturally Rugged: A natural cologne scent


Thanks for stopping in! Feel free to drop us a line to say hi or to share your experience with I Luv It all natural deodorant. We’re always in the mood for good news and healthy living! 


Marie Van de Leur



Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Long before man became involved in chemistry, civilizations functioned very nicely with things found in nature... Mint leaves to ease a queezy stomach, lavender to calm nerves, Aloe Vera for burns... We agree that nature has provided a remedy for many things, including body odor. Our base recipe works together to kill odor causing bacteria and absorb odor that might occur. Our proprietary blend of essential oils don`t to mask odor, they simply provide a gentle, pleasing scent.​


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Even our packaging avoids chemicals. Plastic deodorant containers are just like any other plastic and risk chemical leaching when you pour a hot liquid into it. By pouring our formula into a glass jar, we avoid the chance of chemical leaching, so the ingredients in the deodorant are only the ones we add.


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Animals don`t need deodorant, so why would we test it on them?!​


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